Mariam Salama – Clinical Pharmacist

Mariam Salama – Clinical Pharmacist

Mariam joined Skye Medical as a non dispensing pharmacist in September 2023 picking up the role from her fellow pharmacist Bronwen, who unfortunately had to step away from the practice to focus on her studies as a medical student.
Mariam works at the practice on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and most Friday’s.

As a clinical pharmacist (sometimes called a non dispensing pharmacist) Mariam’s role is to provide advice on medications and all things medication related.
She can help with understanding your medications, how best to use them and the most cost effective use and access to medications.

Your GP might ask you to see Mariam after your appointment or if you would like to book in for a call or a face to face chat, please call the practice to arrange or use the “Book Appointment” button at the top right.

As an accredited pharmacist who graduated with her Masters of Pharmacology from UWA in 2007, she has an in depth understanding of health conditions and can offer general health advice as well as specific medication information.

When not working at Skye Medical Mariam works as a senior pharmacist at Rockingham General Hospital and is mum to two young children.