Iron Infusions

Iron Infusions

We are pleased to offer iron infusions at Skye Medical Armadale.

This does incur a charge – please check our current fees. (hyperlink to patient information – fees)

Your iron infusion is generally performed by our practice nurse under the doctors direction and supervision and involves having a cannula in your arm. The medicine is then infused via a drip into your arm over a 30-40 minute period. You will be closely observed during this time. The nurse will ensure you are fully informed and consented and will endeavor to put you at ease throughout the procedure.

There are risks to this procedure and we recommend speaking to your usual GP about if this is the right procedure for you or what alternatives are available.

Please be advised that as there are increased from iron infusions to unborn babies, we will not give iron infusions during early pregnancy.
We will also ask for patients who may be pregnant or trying to conceive that we perform a pregnancy test prior to the procedure.