Women’s Health / Pregnancy

Women’s Health / Pregnancy

Here at Skye Medical it is our philosophy that all expectant mothers and their families should be involved in the decisions regarding their care.

We have a pregnancy pack which we give to every pregnant mother at her first visit. This is full of information on all things related to your care during and after pregnancy; information on the baby and its development and information on what to expect throughout the pregnancy. We hope that by providing you with this information you will be put at ease and in turn giving you the ability to make informed decisions.

We offer shared antenatal care here and this will be discussed with you at your first visit. This means sharing your care between your GP and an obstetrician of your choice.

We offer a full range of family planning options, including oral medication prescriptions, Implanon fitting and removal, contraceptive injections and IUD/IUS (coil/Mirena) fittings and removals.

We also offer regular pap smears and this can be done by either the doctors or our practice nurses.