Dr Bhimarasetty leaving in September 2023

Dr Bhimarasetty leaving in September 2023

We’re sad to share the news that Dr Bhavna Bhimarasetty will be leaving Skye Medical at the end of September 2023.

Dr Bhavna or Dr B or BB as she’s know to some of her patients has been working at the clinic since February 2019 having emigrated from the UK in late 2018.

Since then, Dr Bhavna has started her own family and is in the process of building her own home a bit further away from the clinic.

Dr Bhavna has decided to leave general practice altogether and is moving into the specialty of palliative care. Anyone who knows Dr Bhavna will agree that she will be fantastic in this area of medicine and her empathy and compassion will be well received by patients and their families while in their final stages.

We wish her all the very best in her new role – but will always leave the door open in case she misses us too much!

Dr Bhavna will only be available for online bookings to the end of August.

Appointments during September are reserved for her regular patients and those where clinical handover or follow ups are required.