Skye Medical Canning Vale coming April 2024

For so long, Stephanie and Dr MacKinnon have seen the demand for appointments at the clinic in Armadale outstripping what we’ve been able to offer. It’s heart-breaking at the end of the day to see a list of patients who we haven’t been able to help. We try to help our patients in any way that we can when they need us – but we can’t keep our doctors working longer and harder each and every day.

The answer is that we need more GPs! Recruitment of skilled health professionals in Armadale is hard.
The Department of Health has restrictions on the GP workforce meaning that GPs who trained overseas are no longer able to work in Armadale.

Whilst we continue to work tirelessly to play our part in training future generations of Australian trained GPs, the restrictions on the workforce are frustrating.

This resulted in us looking for an alternative solution and for a near by location where there are fewer restrictions on hiring great GPs.

Whilst Canning Vale my not be accessible to all of our patients, some patients may find this helpful. We’re working to onboard some amazing doctors and help create more patient appointments for the wider community.

The website for the new clinic is currently under construction – but please check back HERE for it’s launch.